Offroad Drive

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You want to know how our SUV models move in driving dynamics exercises or how to behave properly with the vehicle offroad? Then the Offroad Drive is just the thing for you. In driving exercises, you drive onroad at up to 100 km/h out of any dangerous situation.

Find out what our SUV models can do off paved roads and how to get out of difficult situations. A day full of experiences at the limit.

Duration. 1

Price. from 671,00 Euro (margin taxation according to §25 UstG.)

Prerequisites. valid driving license class 3/B

Procedure. Start: 8:30 am // End: around 5:00 pm

The provided vehicles are always occupied by two persons.



Can’t be done, doesn’t exist. Experience the off-road capabilities of the Mercedes-Benz SUV models on the off-road course. Diagonal driving, steep uphill and downhill passages let the adrenaline level rise to the top. Experience for yourself how the various assistance systems help to master situations in these extreme conditions.


This exercise demands a lot from you. You avoid a stationary obstacle without braking and then steer back into the lane. In doing so, you will train to avoid oversteering or to intercept it. You learn to brake at the right time and to give the right steering impulses. Driving technique at the highest level!


Suddenly an obstacle appears! Whether the end of a traffic jam or the “classical” tractor which turns from the country lane into the street – you will learn to react correctly in this particular situation. We will show you how, after full braking, the interaction between view guidance and specific steering prevents the collision.

Vehicles In Overview

*Vehicles may vary depending on training format.

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