Advanced Experience Sweden

We look forward to welcoming you!

Our appetizer for hot drifts at the Arctic Circle: Three days in the ice arena in Sorsele - packed with intensive training experiences at the limit.

 We promise you: The hunger for spike tires, ice tracks and Starfleet will only increase after this appetizer.

Duration: 3


3.100,00 Euro (Margenbesteuerung gemäß §25 UstG.)*

*incl. flight, catering and 2 overnight stays

Prerequisites: valid driving license class 3/B

Procedure: Arrival on the 1st day of the event

The provided vehicles are always occupied by two persons.

29.01.24, 08:00 – 31.01.24, 18:00 Uhr, Sorsele, Schweden

31.01.24, 08:00 – 02.02.24, 18:00 Uhr, Sorsele, Schweden

05.02.24, 08:00 – 07.02.24, 18:00 Uhr, Sorsele, Schweden
    Unfortunately, there are currently no seats available.

12.02.24, 08:00 – 14.02.24, 18:00 Uhr, Sorsele, Schweden

14.02.24, 08:00 – 16.02.24, 18:00 Uhr, Sorsele, Schweden

26.02.24, 08:00 – 28.02.24, 18:00 Uhr, Sorsele, Schweden

28.02.24, 08:00 – 01.03.24, 18:00 Uhr, Sorsele, Schweden



circular drifting.
Turning in, accelerating, countersteering - you can describe a drift. The feeling remains indescribable. Our instructors with motorsport experience will give you a best practice in playing with the limit of adhesion. Then it's your turn: metering the pressure on the accelerator pedal, countersteering in a flash, applying the right eye technique - the perfect icy drift in the latest Mercedes-Benz models is ready.


handling course.
Steering a current Mercedes-Benz model across the ice with pinpoint accuracy: That definitely has addictive potential.
We invite you on a journey to the frontier. Your excursion guides? Motorsport-tested instructors who will take you on a wild chase between understeer and oversteer. The optimal warm-up for further challenging exercises in the Arctic Circle - guaranteed below freezing.

drift slalom.

In this highly dynamic station, delicate steering work meets spirited pedal impulses. Our promise: After this training session, you'll be dancing skillfully around the slalom poles with the latest Mercedes-Benz models. Responsible for the beat - our Mercedes-Benz Driving Events instructors with motorsport experience. Fancy an ice-cold dance in the Arctic Circle?



ice track.

Designed by Formula 1 architect Hermann Tilke, brought to motorsport life by you: driving on selected ice tracks - the supreme discipline at your Advanced Experience Sweden. On the icy tracks, you'll combine the individual disciplines you've already learned: accurate eye control, precise steering wheel work, spirited work on the accelerator and brake pedals. Adrenaline-packed hours on ice guaranteed!

Vehicles In Overview

*Vehicles subject to availability.

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