Professional Driver Perfection Training Sweden

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Five days of intensive training with coaches from the world of motorsport. In other words: professionals learn from professionals - workshops, individual coaching and driving training on snow and ice are ideally tailored to the special requirements of everyday professional driving.


The reward for your efforts: greater precision even at high speeds, safe lane changes on icy roads and, last but not least, perfect cornering drifts.

Not to forget: In the evenings, there's plenty of time to relax by the fire - and chat with other colleagues.

Duration: 5 Days


4.750,00 Euro (margin taxation according to §25 UstG.)*

*incl. flight, catering, and 4 overnight stays

Prerequisites: valid driving license class 3/B

Procedure: Arrival on the 1st day of the event

The provided vehicles are always occupied by two persons.


Circular drifting.
Warm-up exercises before a competition? Rather a necessary evil. The circle drift as a warm-up for the ice tracks? A fantastic loosening-up exercise for steering wheel acrobats. Our instructors from racing and rallying will give you a hot warm-up program well below freezing point. The circle drift - the most beautiful training station since wheelspin was invented.


Handling course.
The most challenging exercises, the highest speed, the maximum driving fun - that's what the Sports Experience Sweden offers. The handling course is no exception. Maximum complexity, maximum drift angle, maximum sportiness - your instructor will push you to your performance limits in the latest Mercedes-Benz models.

Ice tracks.

The training sessions on the ice tracks - with a focus on maximum performance and the fastest line. In which curves do you still have room for improvement? Our instructors will analyze this with you during the joint video analysis. The Sports Experience Sweden - get the maximum out of yourself and the star fleet.

Vehicles In Overview

*Vehicles subject to availability.

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