Perfection Drive

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In our two-day Perfection Drive you will perfect your riding technique with challenging exercises. Professionals with many years of experience will support you. Vehicle control at the limit gets the adrenaline pumping while you react safely and confidently with a cool head. Challenging precision exercises take your driving skills to a new level. And with the power of the Mercedes-Benz EQ models, not only safety is guaranteed, but also unique driving pleasure.


This two-day event is our intensive course for all those who want to get more out of themselves and face the many challenges of the road with confidence. Learn to control your vehicle in drifting, sharpen your reaction time in the load change slalom and expand your horizons in demanding steering maneuvers. You will also learn all about the latest assistance systems and the possibilities of modern driving. This not only sharpens your skills, but also offers a unique experience with guaranteed thrills.

Duration. 2 Days 

Price. from 1.660,00 Euro*

Prerequisites. valid driving license class 3/B

Procedure. Start: 8:30 a.m. // End: 2nd day around 4:45 p.m.

The provided vehicles are always occupied by two persons.

*Private customers: Margin taxation according to §25 UstG. 

*Corporate customers: including German VAT.

24.05.24, 08:00am – 25.05.24, 4:45pm, Leipheim
from 1.660,00€

13.09.24, 08:00am – 14.09.24, 4:45pm, Groß Dölln

27.09.24, 08:00am – 28.09.24, 4:45pm, Leipheim

24.10.24, 08:00am – 25.10.24, 4:45pm, Sachsenring

08.11.24, 08:00am – 09.11.24, 4:45pm, Hockenheimring



In this station, we train to control an oversteering rear end with deactivated control systems. The aim is for you to be able to maintain the "drift" over several laps. Guaranteed adrenaline rushes make this safety training a unique experience.



Without driver assistance systems, we challenge your reaction speed in the load change slalom. We provoke a load change through targeted steering maneuvers. Using the accelerator and brakes, you move the vehicle safely through the course.


This exercise demands a lot from you. You swerve out of the way of a stationary obstacle without braking and then steer back into the lane. In doing so, you train to avoid oversteering or to intercept it. You learn to brake at the right time and to give targeted steering impulses. At the last moment, a set of traffic lights will show you the direction. Quick reactions are a must! Driving technique at the highest level.

Vehicles In Overview

*Vehicles may vary depending on training format.

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