Winter Training

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Unimagined drift angles, emergency braking on icy surfaces and many challenging precision exercises will take your driving skills to a new level. Experience vehicle control at the limit while you react safely and confidently with a cool head. Our professional instructors will put you to the acid test on the 120,000 m² ice arena at the foot of the Kitzbühel Alps during winter training in Saalfelden.
The adrenaline, the scratching of the spikes on the ice and the swirling snow with a unique panorama. Endless drifts and challenging driving dynamics exercises: These are the perfect challenges for the absolute highlight of every winter - the ice tracks on our frozen lake in Sorsele in Sweden, designed by Formula 1 racetrack architect Hermann Tilke. Pure emotion and driving fun! A fixed date for professional drivers too: newly developed driving stations with individual coaching sessions.



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In focus
Advanced Experience
Date: 28.02.2024, 3 days
Location: Sweden, Sorsele
Price: 3.100,00€
Perfection Experience Week
Date: 11.03.2024, 5 days
Location: Sweden, Sorsele
Price: 4.700,00€
Sports Experience
Date: 04.03.2024, 5 days
Location: Sweden, Sorsele
Price: 5.250,00€
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