Perfection Experience Sweden // 5 days

We look forward to welcoming you!

Our most intense and longest experience. 5 days and maximum time on the ice. At Perfection Experience Sweden you will train driving maneuvers on the edge of perfection, experience an action-packed snowmobile tour in the middle of a perfect winter landscape and enjoy the perfectly prepared ice tracks in the latest Mercedes-Benz models.
In the final battle against the clock, we send your ambition out onto the ice: who will win the legendary ice challenge? After so many thrills, it's good to relax in the evening by the crackling fireplace and review the action-packed day with a good aperitif.

Duration: 5


4.700,00 Euro (Margenbesteuerung gemäß §25 UstG.)*

*incl. flight, catering, and 4 overnight stays

Prerequisites: valid driving license class 3/B

Procedure: Arrival on the 1st day of the event

The provided vehicles are always occupied by two persons.

15.01.24, 08:00 – 19.01.24, 18:00 Uhr, Sorsele, Schweden

19.02.24, 08:00 – 23.02.24, 18:00 Uhr, Sorsele, Schweden

11.03.24, 08:00 – 15.03.24, 18:00 Uhr, Sorsele, Schweden


Rally cab.

You've only ever seen motorsport on TV? That's over now. It's time to take a seat in the passenger seat of a real racing car. Welcome to the Mercedes-Benz Driving Events race cab. Our instructors have learned their trade in rally and circuit racing and are looking forward to giving you an action-packed taste of their skills.


ice tracks.

Pay attention, arithmetic problem: What sum do we get when we add up the latest Mercedes-Benz models, spike tires and miles of ice tracks? That's right, boundless dynamics. Our Mercedes-Benz Driving Events instructors will push you to your personal limit: unforgettable experiences in the ice arena are pre-programmed.

snowmobile tour.

Deep snow-covered fairytale forests, frozen lakes and rivers and the breathtaking mountain scenery of Lapland - the snowmobile tour, along with a relaxing bath in the heated hot tub, is one of the things you absolutely have to do in the Arctic Circle. Whether you hit the ideal line on three skids as well as on four wheels? That remains to be seen. The experience? Stays in your head for years.

Vehicles In Overview

*Vehicles subject to availability.

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